In conversation: Sir Clive Woodward and Charles Mindenhall — Accelerating your business out of Covid-19 and into the new world of work

Join two of the brightest minds in business and high performance as they reflect on their experiences of leading teams through turbulent times, building businesses that have thrived even in recession eras, and building the capability required to accelerate your business out of Covid-19

09:00 EST / 14:00 BST, 9 June 2020 | From your home offices, dining tables and across borders

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Many organisations anticipate that accelerating out of Covid-19 will be unpredictable and demand the kind of agility that is unfamiliar to big business. And McKinsey research shows that organisations with an agile operating model have shown substantial improvements in both execution pace and productivity.

The current crisis has forced organisations to adapt rapidly to new realities and ways of working, with many seeing digital transformations in weeks that previously would have taken years. But maintaining these levels of agility through the pandemic and beyond requires a deep-rooted culture change, and the time to act is now.

We’re bringing together two of the brightest minds in business and high performance to discuss how to rapidly build the capability required to accelerate your business out of Covid-19 and into the new world of work.


Join this intimate conversation with Clive and Charles to understand:

  • The kinds of capabilities and mindsets we need to accelerate through C-19 and beyond 
  • What big business can learn from the sporting and start-up worlds on how to operate with agility
  • Insights into new models leading businesses are using to accelerate out of Covid-19 

There will also be an open Q&A for all attendees.


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Work will never be the same again. As we restructure our businesses, adopt new ways of working, respond to changing customer behaviour, and support our people through difficult transitions, agility is critical.

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