The challenge with diversity fatigue and how to overcome it

Swap insights and ideas with senior peers to help us uncover the most impactful ways culture leaders can tackle diversity fatigue to create lasting, meaningful change

08:00–10:00| 14 November 2019 | Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery, New York



A recent Atlassian report identified the adoption of company-wide D&I initiatives remains flat, with a 50% decrease in individual participation year-on-year. We want to get to the bottom of why this is happening and how we can reinvigorate people's excitement about our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

We're speaking to 50 of the world’s most innovative inclusion leaders to understand why people have fallen out of love with the D&I agenda. We'll then distill these findings into a pulse report designed to play back the most practical insights you can apply right away.

Join our hand-picked group of C-suite culture leaders on 14 November 2019 where we’ll uncover critical findings for this first Inclusion Works FRONTLINE pulse report. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to request the topic of the next report, and enjoy valuable networking all before 10am.



There's plenty of research out there that shows diversity makes good business sense. But most research in the inclusion space is published once a year and doesn’t shed any light on the real challenges of building an inclusive culture or share any practical or impactful advice on how to make progress.  

That’s why Hive Learning launched Inclusion Works FRONTLINE — a series of action-oriented pulse checks reporting on the most pressing challenges inclusion leaders face. 

Our goal is to uncover the root cause of these challenges and play back the powerful tactics the world’s most innovative leaders are using to put inclusion into action on the ground, every day. So we can learn together and from each other so we can all go faster. 

If you have have a particular challenge that you’d like to see addressed in our next round of reporting, get in touch.

Date: 14 November 2019 Time: 08:00–10:00 Location: Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery, 380 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003, United States