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An inclusion programme to start driving change today

Diverse teams deliver better results. But the methods we're using to create more diverse and inclusive organisations aren't working

Kaleidoscope from Hive Learning is a diversity and inclusion programme that gives leaders and managers an actionable toolkit for changes they can make today.

From our experience of working with organisations like Barclays, Sky and the International Olympic Committee, we know that if you want to create behaviour change, training isn’t enough; you have to inspire daily action. 

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Diversity and inclusion

Deep seated bias is hard to change, one-off training sessions don't inspire action and too many companies focus on the under-represented group, not changing behaviours of the whole organisation.

That's why we built Kaleidoscope - a skill-building inclusion programme delivered in a cycle of continuous weekly action steps. 

Through a unique weekly cycle that guides users to 'Understand, Practice, Reflect', leaders will learn how to de-bias the way they attract, support and retain people across your organisation starting now.

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About Hive Learning

Kaleidoscope from Hive Learning

Hive Learning helps enterprise organisations drive the everyday behaviour changes critical for growth. 

Our award-winning change programmes drive a concrete change in behaviour in 9 out of 10 participants. That's why the executives who buy them see up to 11x ROI and pay back their costs in as little as 3 weeks.

Our combination of consultancy, content and technology comes recommended by organisations like Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover, Sky, Deloitte and The Football Association.

Founded by world-renowned coach Sir Clive Woodward and backed by Blenheim Chalcot, advisors include The Times columnist and high performance expert, Matthew Syed and ex-Google MD Dan Cobley. High performance is in our DNA.

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