US Edition: Scaling inclusion digitally — how to engage the unengaged

We're bringing together some of the most innovative DEI leaders to share fresh perspectives and action-oriented advice on how to bring everyone along on your digital inclusion journey, and especially those that are harder to reach.

sheri crosby wheeler

Sarah Kheir, AVP, Head of Enterprise Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Sun Life
Sheri Crosby Wheeler, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, Fossil Group

11:00 EST, 26 January 2021 | From your home offices, dining tables and across borders.

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2020 forced digital transformation in weeks that otherwise would have taken years to achieve.

We proved DEI initiatives can be scaled at a fraction of the cost and time while maintaining — and in some cases even amplifying — the impact face-to-face events once delivered.

So as we look to 2021 and longer-term digital DEI strategies, we want to know:

How do we sustain engagement in a world where Zoom fatigue is so real? 

And how do we engage the hardest to reach, most disengaged employees in our DEI efforts when we can't be stood right in front of them?

We're bringing together Sarah Kheir, AVP and Head of Enterprise DEI at Sun Life; Sheri Crosby Wheeler, VP, DEI; and John Mays, Director of DEI at KFC for an action-packed panel discussion full of practical tips and inspiration on how to engage the unengaged virtually.


Join Sarah, Sheri and John as they discuss how to:

  • Use nudge theory to continuously bring people back
  • Reach more ‘first-timers’ and use them to inspire others to participate
  • Spark engagement among your frontline workforce
  • Help people discover their passions and give them the tools to activate on that
  • Bake inclusion into employees’ progression and KPIs


DEI has gone digital. And there’s no doubt that doing DEI digitally unlocks exciting capabilities. Leaders are recognizing that people don’t have to be in a room together to learn and communicate.

So how can you design and build a virtual program that actually helps move your people from unconscious bias to conscious action?

Join our virtual 'workshop' to create your own playbook for launching a digital DEI program that is accessible, democratic and engages every member of your workforce.

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At Hive Learning, we're on a mission to create a more inclusive world.

That’s why we created Inclusion Works from Hive Learning — a digital toolkit for building an inclusive culture.

The program is designed to take participants on a journey from unconscious bias to conscious action by embedding tiny but powerful daily habits of inclusion as a daily routine.

 If you have any questions about our Inclusion Works program or would like to see a demo, please do also get in touch below.